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This website is the official "mothball site" for the very first Worldcon website ever built and launched. Brian Lucas built the ConAdian website for the 1994 Worldcon, hosting it on a server at the University of Manitoba, on his own authority as part of the Advertising/PR staff.

The website was used as a model for the 1996 Worldcon (L.A.con III) website, which was hosted on a computer at USC initially and then on Shortly after the 1996 Worldcon launched their website, the 1995 Worldcon (Intersection) cribbed heavily from the 1994 website too. The 1996 Worldcon's website was inspiration, in turn, for the 1999 NASFiC & 2000 Worldcon websites, and by then everyone had their own ideas on how to run a website.

The website was put up in March 1994 and then taken down shortly after the convention, in September 1994 or so. This was before the server was launched, and before the "Wayback Machine" picked up steam in its indexing of the entire web.

The ConAdian website was off the air for almost seventeen years. An important part of Worldcon's history was believed lost forever.

However, the seeds to the website's recovery lay in the second paragraph above, as Brian Lucas sent a copy of the complete website to Chaz Boston Baden in 1994. Even zipped up, it's 100K, which was far too big to e-mail as an attachment. It was copied onto a 5 1/4" floppy -- which turned up when Chaz was cleaning up his old obsolete media in March 2011.

All the usual caveats apply: this is a very old site, preserved for historical purposes. Almost all of the external links won't work, almost all of the e-mail addresses are dead. But here's a glimpse of the Worldcon's web history, before frames, tables, CSS, Javascript and cookies, back when the World Wide Web was new.

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